Friday, March 7, 2008

Past Interview: Josh Schroeder (Columbia University)

In honor of Halloween, Josh Schroeder discusses how pseudo-science - what it is, how it gets there, and how it spreads:

  • Josh Schroeder - Columbia University: Pseudo-science on the Internet (Air Date: 2007 October 31)
Hope you enjoy and, as always, please email me or leave any questions or comments below. Thanks a lot for listening.


Alice said...

You may want to know that Mr. Shroeder's editing on Wikipedia is currently being reviewed by the Arbitration Committee of Wikipedia for possible violation of Wikipedia's policies. His pseudo on Wikipedia is ScienceApologist, as disclosed in this post.


Steven Krivit said...


ScienceApologist has said some extremely hateful things on Wikipedia. I'd hate for the wrong person to get blamed for it. Are you sure ScienceApologist = Joshua Schroeder at Columbia? Do you know, or have you met him personally?

Bull said...

There is no doubt that ScienceApologist is Joshua Schroeder at Columbia University, as he has publicly acknowledge it. He arranged the Jan 2008 Wikipedia New York meet-up at the universe. See:


2. And the PDF document at:

See also:





Evidence listed in the current Wikipedia Arbcom case (the 5th in which he has featured) can be seen at:


gfellow said...

It would be a shame if we were to let these forces plunge us into a new dark age where knowledge is censored by a few elite like Joshua Schroeder who have taken it upon themselves to don a false cloak of authority.

Hopefully, are there folks out there in the scientific community who chafe at this blatant abuse of authority?
This vandalism censorship sould and ought to be countered by an affiliation of scientists collectively organizing specifically to address such destruction of data.

abc said...

The Velikovsky Encyclopedia has more on Joshua Schroeder.